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Choosing Good Company

In the ancient city of Lanka, there lived a demon king named Ravana. He was a powerful and feared ruler, known for his greed, arrogance, and cruelty. He had everything he could ever want, yet he was always hungry for more.

One day, a group of monkeys led by Lord Hanuman came to Lanka in search of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama who had been abducted by Ravana. Hanuman was a loyal and devoted servant of Lord Rama, and he was determined to rescue Sita from the clutches of the demon king.

As he journeyed through the city, Hanuman noticed that the company one kept had a tremendous impact upon them. If one associated with those who lusted after wealth, then they too would make money the primary goal of their life. On the other hand, if one associated with virtuous and honest people, then they would develop a noble and virtuous character.

Hanuman came across a house in the city with an emblem of Lord Rama's bow, the Sarang, and some Tulsi plants growing in the courtyard. He knew that whoever lived there must be a saintly person, and he decided to investigate.

It was late at night when Hanuman arrived at the house, and he saw a man getting up from his bed. The man, named Vibhishan, immediately uttered the name of Lord Rama and came out to greet Hanuman. He was thrilled to meet a devotee of Lord Rama and explained how he had been worshipping him, but he felt that Rama's grace had not yet descended upon him.

Hanuman explained to Vibhishan that taking the name of Lord Rama was not enough, one also had to do the work of Lord Rama. He told Vibhishan that he needed to stand up in support of Lord Rama and Sita, and help them in their struggle against Ravana.

Vibhishan was moved by Hanuman's words and pledged to support Lord Rama and Sita. He then revealed to Hanuman that Sita was being held captive in the Ashok Vatika, a garden within Ravana's palace.

Hanuman thanked Vibhishan for his help and proceeded towards the palace. Along the way, he encountered many demons who tried to stop him, but Hanuman was determined to rescue Sita.

Finally, he arrived at the Ashok Vatika and saw Sita sitting under a tree, looking sad and forlorn. Hanuman approached her and revealed his identity, telling her that he had come to rescue her on behalf of Lord Rama.

Sita was overjoyed to see Hanuman and thanked him for his bravery and devotion. She then gave him a message for Lord Rama, expressing her love and longing for him and urging him to come and rescue her as soon as possible.

Hanuman took the message and flew back to Lord Rama's camp, where he delivered it to him with tears in his eyes. Lord Rama was deeply touched by Sita's words and promised Hanuman that he would soon come to rescue her.

The story of Hanuman's journey to Lanka and his meeting with Vibhishan and Sita teaches us that the company we keep has a tremendous impact upon us. If we associate with virtuous and saintly people, then we too will develop noble and virtuous character. And if we have the courage and devotion of Hanuman, then we too can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals.

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