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Balarama Kills the Demon Pralambha

Once upon a time, in a small village in India, there lived two brothers named Krishna and Balarama. They were cowherds and spent most of their days grazing cows in the nearby forest. They had many friends who were also cowherd boys and they would often play games together.

One day, Krishna and Balarama and their friends went to the forest with the cows as usual. They started to play different games like dancing, playing musical instruments, leap-frog, hide-and-seek, and swinging from the limbs of trees like monkeys. They even imitated the sounds of the birds and beasts.

While they were playing, Krishna noticed that an asura (demon) named Pralambha was disguised as a cowherd boy and was among them. Krishna pretended to be fooled by his appearance and invited him to play with them. He then divided the cowherd boys into two groups, with Balarama leading one group and himself leading the other.

The game was that the defeated group would have to carry the winning group on their shoulders. Balarama's group won, and so the boys of Krishna's group took those of Balarama's group and carried them on their shoulders. Balarama was then being carried by Pralambha, who saw this as a good opportunity to kill him.

The asura quickly ran to a secluded place where he assumed his demon form and then flew into the sky. However, Balarama realized what was happening and started hitting the asura on the head. The asura screamed in agony and soon fell down dead. The other cowherd boys were surprised at what had happened and ran to embrace Balarama.

Everyone praised Balarama for his quick thinking and bravery in killing the demon. The cowherd boys were happy that their friend was safe, and they continued to play and have fun in the forest. From that day on, they made sure to be more careful about who they invited to play with them, so as not to be deceived by another asura in disguise.

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