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How Yashoda became the mother of Shri Krishna?

Yashoda's relationship with Sri Krishna is a revered mother-son bond that has inspired numerous artistic works. Her immense love for Krishna is an essential aspect of his childhood stories, known as lilas. Once, while sage Narada visited Nanda's house, he witnessed a divine scene where Yashoda punished her mischievous son by tying him with a grinding stone. Narada was amazed and questioned how Yashoda, a mortal, had the power to discipline the Supreme Godhead, also known as Narayana. This event exemplifies the extraordinary relationship between Yashoda and Sri Krishna, where the almighty allowed himself to be chastised by a mere mortal.

Sri Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva but was brought up by Yashoda and Nanda, who were able to witness all of his miraculous deeds as he grew into a captivating young man. One day, while Krishna was playing in the sand, Yashoda became concerned when he put it in his mouth and asked him to open it. To her amazement, she saw the entire universe inside, including Narayana and Mahalakshmi resting on Adishesha, the Divine Snake.

It is believed that Yashoda and Nanda performed great penance in a previous life, and Lord Vishnu was pleased with their devotion. When He appeared before them, they asked to treat Him as their son, a request that amused Him as He is the Creator of the entire universe. Nevertheless, He granted their wish, and when He appeared on earth as Krishna, Yashoda raised Him as her own, even though she was not his biological mother.

Yashoda had not seen Krishna since he left Mathura, but when she was on her deathbed, he came to visit her. Though happy to see her son, Yashoda regretted that she had never witnessed any of Krishna's marriages. Moved by her pain, Sri Krishna promised that her wish would be granted in her next life when he would be born as Venkateshwara and Yashoda as Vakula Devi.

Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Venkateswara in the Kali Yuga, and once again, Yashoda was His foster mother. This time, her name was Vakula Devi, and she played a significant role in arranging His marriage to Padmavati, the daughter of King Akasa Raja. As Vakula Devi, Yashoda fulfilled her wish to witness her son's wedding.

Around 300 years ago, a temple was built in honor of Vakula Devi on Perurubanda hillock, which overlooks the beautiful Perur village. The idol of Vakula Devi faces the Seven Hills, the home of her son, Lord Venkateswara.

The bond between Yashoda and Sri Krishna goes beyond a typical mother-son relationship. In a way, Yashoda is one of Sri Krishna's most devoted followers. Her love for her son evolves into a deep devotion and bhakti to him.

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