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Krishna Blesses the Pious BrahminWomen

Once upon a time, in the land of Vrindavan, Krishna and Balarama were taking their cattle out to graze with their friends, the gopas. After a long day of herding the cows, they all became very hungry and asked Balarama and Krishna to help them.

Krishna suggested they go to a nearby group of brahmins who were performing a long sacrifice and ask for food. So, the gopas went to the brahmins and introduced themselves as messengers of Krishna and Balarama, asking for food. However, the brahmins did not respond and ignored them, leaving the boys empty-handed.

Krishna then suggested the gopas approach the wives of those brahmins as he knew they were pious and loved him very much. The gopas did as they were told, and when they informed the women that Krishna was nearby and wanted food, the women were thrilled. They rushed to meet him, carrying all kinds of good food with them.

Krishna was happy to meet the women who were sincerely devoted to him. After receiving the food from them, the women begged for refuge at his feet, as they understood that their families would not accept them back in their homes due to their actions. Krishna assured them that they should not fear, as through his grace, their families would accept them as if nothing had happened.

Before the women departed, Krishna instructed them to meditate on him, and they would soon attain him. Then, Krishna, Balarama, and the other gopas all began to eat.

When the brahmin men returned to their homes and saw that their wives were so devoted to Krishna, they realized they had made a mistake. They became extremely repentant and bitterly regretted their missed opportunity. However, out of fear of Kamsa, they did not go to find Krishna, although they were anxious to do so.

In the end, Krishna's grace and blessings led to the women's families accepting them back into their homes without any issues, and the brahmin men realized the importance of devotion to Krishna.

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