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Shakatasura and Trinavarta

In the beautiful village of Vrindavan, baby Krishna was the source of joy and wonder for all the residents. His mother, Yashoda, was always busy taking care of him, but she also made sure to celebrate his presence by organizing a grand festival in his honor.

On that particular day, as Krishna grew tired, Yashoda placed him under a cart to sleep while she attended to the guests. However, unbeknownst to her, the cart was actually an asura named Shakatasura, in disguise. Suddenly, the cart fell over with a loud crash, and everyone rushed to see what had happened. Some boys who had been playing nearby claimed that it was baby Krishna who had kicked the cart over, but no one believed them. The brahmins present at the festival then offered their blessings to the child.

Meanwhile, Kamsa, the evil king of Mathura, had sent another asura named Trinavarta to kill Krishna. Trinavarta arrived in Vrindavan and saw baby Krishna sitting on Yashoda's lap. As soon as she placed him on the ground, Trinavarta transformed into a whirlwind and carried the baby away. Yashoda, who had gone to do some work, returned to find that her beloved son had vanished without a trace. She cried out in despair, and the other gopis who heard her cries joined her in her grief.

As Trinavarta flew through the sky with baby Krishna, he found that he could not move very far due to the child's incredible weight. Eventually, he fell to the ground, and Krishna grasped his neck and strangled him. The women who had been searching for Krishna were astonished to see him sitting on top of the dead demon's chest. They picked him up and brought him back to Yashoda.

After these events, the people of Vrindavan realized that their little Krishna was no ordinary child. They marveled at his divine powers and knew that he was destined for greatness.

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