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Shri Krishna is bound

In the small village of Braj, Yashoda would often perform her daily household chores while looking after her little son, Gopala. One day, while she was churning curds to make butter, Gopala came to her and grabbed the churning rod. He didn't let her finish, and Yashoda understood that he wanted to nurse. She took him on her lap and began to nurse him, but as she was doing so, she heard the milk in the kitchen boiling over. She quickly put Gopala back on the floor and ran to the kitchen, leaving him upset and angry.

In her absence, Gopala broke an earthen pot of curds with a stone, and the curds went flying everywhere. He then stole some butter and fed it to a monkey. When Yashoda came back, she was surprised to see the pot broken and the curds everywhere. She feigned anger and went to catch the naughty child with a churning rod in her hand. But Gopala was very clever and wouldn't let himself be caught. He ran around and played with his friends, teasing and laughing at his mother, who was chasing him.

Finally, Yashoda caught Gopala and started to tie him to a husking mortar with a piece of rope. However, she found that the rope was slightly short, so she got another piece and tied it to the first, but still, the rope was too short to tie up the boy. The more rope she brought, the larger Gopala's body seemed to become. Seeing his mother's struggles, Gopala took pity on her and let her tie him up, proving that the one who controls the whole universe can be bound by the love of his devotees.

Yashoda felt both happiness and amazement as she watched her son, who was capable of creating miracles and controlling the universe, being bound by a simple rope. She realized that her son was not just an ordinary child but a divine being who had come to earth to show his love and devotion to his devotees. Though she was amazed by his power, Yashoda loved her son more than anything in the world, and Gopala knew that he could trust her to take care of him and protect him from harm.

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