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The Salvation of Putana

In the land of Braj, there was a king named Kamsa who ruled with an iron fist. He was consumed with fear and paranoia because of a prophecy that stated that his death would come at the hands of his nephew, who was to be born to his sister Devaki. To prevent this from happening, he imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva and killed all of their children as soon as they were born.

Kamsa's actions caused great suffering and sadness throughout the kingdom. The people of Braj prayed for a savior who could rid them of Kamsa's tyranny and restore peace to their land.

In response to these prayers, a divine child was born in the home of Nanda, a simple cowherd. This child was no ordinary baby, for he was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the supreme deity of Hinduism.

However, Kamsa was still unaware of the child's existence, so he sent his demoness Putana to find newborns and kill them. Putana was an expert in finding children, and she had killed many babies before.

Putana soon learned that a newborn was growing up in Nanda's house, and she disguised herself as a beautiful woman to enter the home. When she saw the baby Krishna, she decided to nurse him, but she had poison on her breasts, which she used to kill other children.

Krishna, being the supreme Lord, knew of Putana's true intentions, but he played along with her. He began to suckle on her breast, and he sucked out not only the poison but also her life force. Putana died, and her body lay lifeless in the home of Nanda.

The people of Braj were in great turmoil when they saw the demoness's huge, ugly carcass. However, as her body was being cut into pieces and set on fire, a sweet smell of sandalwood began to spread everywhere. It was said that by feeding Krishna and touching his feet, Putana had been purified of her sins. Some also said that by feeding him, although her milk was tainted with poison, she had become his mother.

The incident of Putana's salvation spread throughout the land, and people began to see the divine nature of the child Krishna. They realized that he was no ordinary baby and that he was destined to do great things. Krishna's fame began to grow, and Kamsa became even more afraid of him.

Eventually, Krishna would grow up to defeat Kamsa and bring peace to the land of Braj. But for now, the people of Braj were grateful for the salvation of Putana and the coming of their divine savior.

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