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5 Monks and distractions

Once upon a time, a llama was working in a faraway monastery in a village. He wrote a letter to the chief monk of the monastery, asking for one more llama to be sent. The chief monk read the letter to his disciples and decided to send five monks instead of one. The disciples thought it was foolish to send five monks, but the chief insisted and selected them.

During their journey, a messenger from a rich village asked for a priest, and one of the monks decided to stay there. The king of the kingdom passed by them and offered one young monk a chance to marry his daughter, which he accepted. Three monks were left and realized the chief was right about the distractions on the way, but they were jealous of the other two monks who left. They got lost and ended up staying with a young girl until her parents returned. One of them fell in love with the girl and refused to leave.

The two remaining monks carried on with their journey and got challenged by an atheistic village. One monk accepted the challenge to convince the village of Buddha's philosophies, while the other carried on to the monastery. In the end, only one monk was able to reach the destination.

This story teaches us that distractions are numerous in our lives, and it is easy to get deviated from our path. However, if we stay focused on our goals and not get distracted by obstacles, we can achieve our objectives.

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