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God's plan

Once upon a time a ship was destroyed in a bad storm, and all of its passengers drowned in the sea except for one man. By the grace of God, he somehow survived and washed up on the shore of a desolate island. After regaining consciousness, the man realized he was alone and began to pray for help. Despite his pleas, no assistance arrived, and he eventually gave up hope and resigned himself to his fate on the island. He built a shelter out of wood and grass, collected food from coconuts and fish, and survived each day as best he could.

One day, while cooking his food, he accidentally set his shelter on fire. Enraged, he yelled at God, blaming Him for not answering his prayers and for destroying his only shelter. The man continued to complain until he fell asleep on the beach.

In the morning, the man was awoken by a loud noise and saw a ship had arrived to rescue him. The captain explained that they had seen a fire signal coming from the island and knew someone was stranded there. However, the man had not sent any signal, and it was then that he realized that his burning heart was the source of the signal. He understood that God's plan was greater than his own and thanked Him for the rescue.

In our own lives, we often make plans, but things don't always go as we expect. When troubles arise, we may start to lose faith and hope, but it's important to maintain our faith in God. With patience and effort, we can overcome any obstacle with the help of God's blessings. Sometimes, God's plan for us may be different from what we expect, but we must trust that His plan is always bigger, bolder, and better than our own.

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