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Buddha story of value of human life

"Oh Lord, please tell me the worth of human life," the man asked Gotham Buddha. Buddha smiled and handed the man a shining stone, saying, "First, go and find the birth of this stone. Go to different shops in the market and tell them you want to sell it, but remember, don't sell it in any case."

Puzzled by Buddha's response, the man took the stone and went to the market. He asked an orange seller, a vegetable vendor, and a goldsmith the worth of the stone, but none of the offers satisfied him. Finally, he went to a diamond merchant who was mesmerized by the stone's beauty and asked the man where he found it. The merchant declared that the stone was priceless and invaluable, worth more than the whole world.

The man returned to Buddha and narrated his story, asking again, "Lord, please tell me the worth of human life." Buddha replied, "You see, my friend, the orange seller valued the stone at 12 oranges, the vegetable vendor at one sack of potatoes, the goldsmith at 5 lakh gold coins, and the diamond merchant declared it invaluable. The same is true for human life. People around you will value you according to their status, knowledge, and capacity, but do not worry, as this world will also identify and find your true value one day."

Buddha explained that the value of a person's life depends on where they place themselves. People will understand their value as much as they value themselves. If they underestimate their worth, they will get less from the world, but if they feel worthy, they will get more. He advised not to let people put a prize on themselves and to set their own price. People who know their true value will refuse to accept the opinions of others because they know that their value is set by themselves, not someone else's opinion.

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